Outline of the study program Vision

is one of the disciplines that are closely related to the activities of designing buildings and structures (on a micro scale), to cities and regions on the messo and macro scales.
is the ideal of the study program to become the best study program especially in the application of values ​​and rules in the world of architecture, especially local wisdom.
Field of Built Environment Design
is characterized by the dominance of man-made structures that will be used as a medium in the application of science.
Local wisdom
Wisdom, view of life or noble values ​​contained in the wealth of local culture which is one of the strengths and identifiers of the Architecture study program at Bung Hatta University with similar study programs at other universities.
Competitiveness at the Southeast Asian Level in 2033
In line with the university's aspirations to reach the world class level by  2033 (in accordance with the strategic plan) is the achievement of architectural study programs to be recognized at the Asian level.

Milestones of Architecture Study Program Bung Hatta University


Strengthening Management and Governance Systems


Strengthening Autonomy and Independence with competitiveness at the national level


Academic Quality Improvement to Achieve Competitiveness at the ASEAN Level


Academic Quality Improvement to Achieve Competitiveness at the Asian Level



The mission of the Architecture study program is to carry out quality education, research and community service in a democratic climate by upholding academic freedom and applying science, technology, art and culture to improve the welfare of mankind, as stated in:

1.Increasing the role of the Architecture study program in the development of scientific thoughts, ideas of planning and design, and technology that is environmentally sound and local wisdom;
2. Developing the Architecture study program as an open and reliable institution with the object of developing human resources, curriculum, organization, facilities and programs in accordance with the paradigm of architectural development in the present and future;
3. Realizing the Architecture study program as a center of excellence in architectural education, especially in the field of regional architecture;
4. Improving the quality and quantity of research as a basis for scientific development which refers to the road map of study program research in the development of regional architecture;
5. Making globalization issues and demands about identity, technology and sustainability architecture / environment as themes in the development of academic activities, research and its application to society;
6. Produce graduates who meet employment needs;
7. Preparing graduates for study programs to be ready to continue on to postgraduate education;
8. Facilitating regular communication with alumni, graduate users and universities both at home and abroad for networking.



The objectives of the Bung Hatta University Architecture study program are:
1. Produce competent architectural scholars (KKNI) who are able to raise regional cultural diversity in architectural work as a hallmark of graduates to compete at the Asian level;
2. Prepare graduates or graduates who are able to design and master architectural science at the conceptual level.
3. Prepare graduates to enter professional and postgraduate education.

The preparation of objectives and strategies for the achievement of the Architecture study program begins with a SWOT analysis to see all the strengths and weaknesses with the aim to provide a strong picture for future development.