The establishment of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning of Bung Hatta University began with the integration of the West Sumatra Technical College (STTSB) which was previously called ITSB (West Sumatra Institute of Technology). The Institute was founded on a joint initiative of the Imam Bonjol Padang Foundation, Andalas University, and the West Sumatra branch of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII). Integration with Bung Hatta University on December 1, 1981 was carried out based on notarial deed no. Abdul Khadir Usman. 6 as the Faculty of Engineering, Bung Hatta University. Then in 1986 the Faculty of Engineering was divided into two faculties, namely the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP) and the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI).

Currently the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning has four study programs namely Architecture Engineering, Civil Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning (Planology) and Construction Economic Engineering (Quantity Surveyor). The study programs in Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Urban and Regional Planning have been accredited with B qualification, while the Construction Economics Engineering study program is in the process of national accreditation.